Hall County Comprehensive Plan Update Survey

Lake Lanier Association Executive Director Joanna Cloud is asking local residents to respond to the Hall County Comprehensive Plan Update survey.  If Joanna thinks it’s important for the future of Lake Lanier, we’ll take her word for it.

This is your chance to provide your input on how you would like to see Hall County grow and what priorities you would like them to consider.

According to HallCounty.org

Hall County’s Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that presents the community’s primary goals for achieving its vision for growth and development over the next 20 years.  County planners are undertaking a major update to the plan, which was previously amended in 2005 in accordance with the State of Georgia requirements.

Information about the current planning process, called Hall County Forward, will be posted over the next 12 months.

Joanna says, “This survey is an open call to the community to add their input into growth and development priorities. We would like for Lake Lanier stakeholders to put emphasis on the importance of a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier for Hall County future growth.”

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