G-Braves Baseball is a Hit!

Have a ball with the G-Braves! ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland
Have a ball with the G-Braves! ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

What is more rare than hearing the words, “The Braves are in first place!”  Well, here’s some good news: The G-Braves are in first place in the International League’s South Division.

The Gwinnett Braves team is affiliated with the Atlanta Braves.

Sunday, August 14, 2016 was a hot, muggy, sunny day.  Perfect for a G-Braves ballgame at their park down the road from the Mall of Georgia.  There’s plenty of shade, abundant choices for lunch or dinner and your favorite cool drink is only a few steps away.  In a safe, kid-friendly environment.

The Land of Lake Lanier has one glaring flaw.  There’s just too much to do!  Going to see the G-Braves play ball … while you have a ball … needs to be on everyone’s summertime bucket list.

Come alone and experience the game with friendly fans.  Take a date or meet one at the park.  Throw your kids a birthday party!  There’s so much to do at a Gwinnett Braves game.  They even play baseball!  Watch it up close and personal — every seat has a great view.

Capture the last gasp of summer with the G-Braves!  They’ll be home for 11 games beginning Thursday, August 18th.

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