Drift Atlanta is a Smokin’ Hot Time at Road Atlanta

You have to be a little crazy to want to race cars around the 2.5-mile course at Road Atlanta.  You have to be a little more crazy to invest your money, car and tires at Drift Atlanta.  But it sure is fun to watch.

Events aren’t won by going the fastest or by wiping out teammates on the final turn before getting the checkered flag.

It’s all about swooping and swerving and burning tires until they shred in smoky blazes of glory.  It’s all about style.

Drift Atlanta is the best way to waste money on four wheels.  Unless you count the benefits of performing such madness in the sight of hundreds of pretty ladies who have — or pretend to have — a Southern accent.

Drift Atlanta ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland
Drift Atlanta ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The true sponsor is Papa John’s Pizza but you’d never know it.  First timers will swear it’s a Match.com event.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a man who actually owns his own car, dab a little synthetic 5/30 motor oil behind your ears and on your wrists.  Then, come to Road Atlanta on Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th, and take your pick.

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