Lake Lanier Association Newsletter Lists Priorities for 2016

Shore Sweep cleans the junk out of Lake Lanier
Shore Sweep cleans the junk out of Lake Lanier

The Lake Lanier Association newsletter for February 2016 is available to download.  Reading it only takes a few minutes.  You’ll quickly understand their priorities and how you can lend a hand or a check to the cause.

There are two ways to promote and protect Lake Lanier.  The most fun way?  Buy a fancy new boat and motor or sail up one side of the lake and down the other stopping all along the way at campsites, mooring off cozy islands, gassing up or resupplying at every marina, and dining at restaurants on Lanier’s glorious shores.

The simpler and less expensive way to promote and protect Lake Lanier?  Join the volunteers with the Lake Lanier Association (LLA).  Your efforts will always be appreciated and you can choose how to donate your time or funds.

Lake Lanier Association Newsletter Priorities for 2016

  • Testing Lanier’s waters for Chlorophyll A levels
  • Shore Sweep cleaned 50-tons of trash from the lake last year
  • Expanding the Solar Light program with 120 new locations in 2016
  • Abandoned and Derelict Vessels and Docks program
  • Corps of Engineers Water Control Plan monitoring and responses

The LLA annual meeting will be held on March 19, 2016 at Port Royale Marina.

Click Here to Download the LLA newsletter for February 2016

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