U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Florida’s Spurious Water Wars Accusations

US Supreme Court to hear Florida's lawsuit in age-old Water Wars.
US Supreme Court to hear Florida’s lawsuit in age-old Water Wars.

On Monday, November 3, 2014, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott boasted that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up Florida’s suit regarding his claims of Georgia’s overconsumption of waters that he believes are impacting the Apalachicola Bay region, according to the governor’s official website.

Governor Scott said, “This is huge news and a major victory for Florida, and marks the first of many important victories for the families and businesses of Apalachicola. We took bold action last year to protect the waters of Apalachicola from Georgia’s unchecked use of these critical resources. For 20 years, Florida has tried to work with Georgia, and families have continued to see their fisheries suffer from the lack of water. The Supreme Court takes up so few cases, and their willingness to hear Florida’s demonstrates the merits of our case before the Court. We are fighting for the future of this region, and we won’t quit until these resources are restored.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “We are pleased with the United States Supreme Court’s decision to grant Florida’s motion and to allow the lawsuit against Georgia to move forward. Georgia has delayed long enough, and this lawsuit is essential to protect Florida from the environmental and economic harms caused by Georgia’s overconsumption of water. We look forward to continuing our fight to protect Florida’s fair share of water in the United States Supreme Court.”

Congressman Steve Southerland said, “This marks a big step forward for the North Florida families who live and work along Apalachicola Bay.  Georgia has stolen our water for far too long, and I’m pleased the Supreme Court is prepared to consider a resolution to the crisis.   As Floridians, we have an obligation to continue fighting for the people, jobs, and treasured heritage of Apalachicola Bay.”

Those of us in the Great State of Georgia do not take kindly to being called thieves, even if the slanderous accusation comes from a man named “Southerland” or those held in high repute.

No doubt Georgia will, once again, be vindicated from such mendacity.

Click Here for the Water Wars Press Release on Florida Governor’s Website

To view Florida’s suit, click HERE.

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