Day-Use Parks on Lake Lanier

West Bank Park on Lake Lanier ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland
West Bank Park on Lake Lanier ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Your mama might not be good looking and your daddy might not be rich.  The cotton isn’t high yet, but we’re calling it summertime anyway.  Time for jumping fish and easy living!

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That means it’s time to head to Lake Lanier for exciting days and relaxing evenings at the 16 or so parks managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Georgia doesn’t have America’s highest peaks or deepest valleys.  We don’t have glaciers or deserts.  All we have in Georgia is everything else that is beautiful and enjoyable!

Spend a heavenly day or just a few hours at one of Lake Lanier’s day-use parks.  The cost is only about four bucks to get in and three more to launch a boat.  You can do that.  We all can.

Fishing, swimming, eating southern-fried chicken at any of the hundreds of waterside picnic benches is free, once you’re in the park.

All that’s asked of you is that you don’t bring guns, booze, boom boxes and/or bad attitudes.

Parks are where you chill out … naturally.

Want to party with a hundred of your best friends?  Rent a pavilion with electricity, a gas grill and lights.  Reservations for shelters can be made in person at the Lake Lanier Management Office located at 1050 Buford Dam Road, Buford, GA 30518 or by calling 770-945-9531.

You can bring your pets with you too, except at West Bank, Buford Dam Park, Lanier Park and Van Pugh North parks where pets are not allowed.

Day-use parks are open from 8 AM until 10 PM daily, but you can launch your boat or take it out of the water any time of the day or night.

Live it up … on Lake Lanier.

Click Here for Pictures & Info on Lake Lanier’s Day-Use Parks

Click Here for USACE Info on Lake Lanier’s Day-Use Parks


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  1. Cindi Stanesic

    I am planning a company picnic in July and have already reserved shelters at Buford Dam park. There seems to be no solution on how to get our employees into the park without have to hand them each a fiver or get their receipt and reimburse them. Is there a prepaid daily pass available?

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