Shane Watson Guide Service to Expand on National Level

shane watson logoOur friends at Shane Watson Guide Service asked us to share this good news with you:

Shane Watson Guide Service to  Expand on National Level

Shane Watson has announced that  SWGS will now be offering guide trips  on Lake Allatoona, Hartwell,  Carters and many other lakes across the nation.  For years we’ve had  customers want us to offer guide trips on other lakes,  Watson says.  They want the same quality service and expertise that we give them  on  Lake Lanier, but on their home lake. In the last few months of putting  this  deal together, we have received calls from all over the country  from customers  wanting SWGS on their local lakes. We had no idea how  big the demand and  response would be, it’s been a little overwhelming  to say the least.  “People simply want a high quality fishing experience at a reasonable  price.” We are currently talking with guides from 7  other lakes from  California to Georgia that want to come on board. If  we can get this deal put  together with the right group of people, Shane Watson Guide Service will be a  household name all across America.  Nothing is changing on Lake Lanier, Watson  added. We’ll still be  running the same boats daily and giving the same great  Lake Lanier  trips that everyone here has grown accustomed to. This is simply an   opportunity to expand our brand and make a difference in many other  peoples  lives.

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