Lake Lanier’s New Navigation Lights

Please do not touch the new navigation lights on Lake Lanier. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland
Please do not touch the new navigation lights on Lake Lanier. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Friday, August 23, 2013 was one of the nicest days in ages to be on Lake Lanier — especially for the unveiling of 20 navigation lights that have been placed on the lake.

The solar-powered lights provide a visual warning about hazards in the lake to nighttime boaters.  The lights are a supplemental, not primary, navigational aid.

Val Perry and Joanna Cloud of the Lake Lanier Association were joined by US Army Corps of Engineers’ Operations Project Manager for Lake Lanier Tim Rainey, members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, dedicated volunteers, assorted dignitaries and members of the press.

Twenty marker lights are currently placed, with plans to add more as funds become available.  Each light flashes for one second, then goes dark for three seconds.  (So does my memory.)

The pilot program placed the warning lights on existing markers near:

* Old Federal Campground

* Vanns Tavern

* Three Sisters Islands

* Four Mile Creek

* Six Mile Creek and

* Young Deer Creek.

The folks at the Lake Lanier Association assure us the blinking lights will not make the lake look like a Christmas tree.  The lights are easy to see for nighttime navigation, but will not disturb even the snootiest, picky, grumblers.  Probably.

We are thankful to all who took part in implementing this project.  Boaters will be safer due to the efforts of these organizations:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 29
  • Marine Specialties
  • Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Club
  • Lake Lanier Association

The Lake Lanier Association is looking for public comments on this project.

Click Here to Submit Your Comments

Click Here for the Lake Lanier Association

Click below to expand pictures from the Navigation Lights Press Conference.


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