Storm Damage Keeps Sanders Road Closed

Where the bridge on Stephens Road used to be. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Severe storms that whacked areas near Lake Lanier on Sunday, May 19, 2013, are still causing problems.

In addition to wiping out the bridge on Stephens Road, not far from Old Federal Park, damage was done elsewhere.

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We’ve had more bad weather recently and more will arrive before long, but the costly effects from May’s downpours linger.

The earthen Lake Alice Dam in Forsyth County also crumpled under the load of mind-boggling doses of torrential rain from that storm.  When the dam gave way, torrents of muddy water flowed into Lake Lanier.

The loss of the dam caused Sanders Road — using a technical engineering term — to  sleep with the fishes.

Officials (and people who actually did the work) tried to repair the roadway in time for the Memorial Day holiday.  They patched it up and all was well … until they realized Sanders Road needed more significant repairs.

City, county, Army Corps of Engineers and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division are fixing to fix the problem permanently.

They have not set a date for when the road will reopen.  That’s not a cop-out, that’s an honest answer.

If, however, you-know-who says they could provide the exact date for the reopening of Sanders Road if they did the work, please have them contact the DNR.

Thank you.

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