Forrest Wood Cup Bass Tourney Comes to Lanier

Mamas, let your children grow up to be professional bass fishermen.

There’s money in them there lakes.  Lots of it.

The 2012 Forrest Wood Cup comes to Lake Lanier’s Laurel Park on Thursday, August 9th through Sunday the 12th.  This is the big leagues of bass tournaments, with 46 of America’s top professional bass fishermen angling for the $500,000 first-place prize and a place in bass glory.

Just because Kim Kardashian wouldn’t bait her hook or take a catfish off her line for a mere half-million dollars doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of money for those of us who still use bobbers.

FLW, the organization behind the Forrest Wood Cup, takes fishing seriously.  Click Here for FLW’s Missions and Values

Fishing has come a long way from the days of worms and safety pins, beer and Beanie-Weenies and cinder blocks for anchors.  Today’s fishermen are as high-tech as astronauts and they play for keeps — even though they throw the fish back.

And talk about rules: contestants cannot fish in waters where tournaments will be held beginning 13 days before the first practice day.  They’re not even allowed to fly over the lakes prior to the first practice.  How can the FLW tell if the fisherpeople are telling the truth?  Polygraph tests and stress analysis examination are used to verify their statements.

Click Here for the 2012 Walmart FLW Tour Rules

(I know what you’re thinking: Where are they going to find fishermen who don’t lie? That’s like finding truthful politicians. Maybe anglers get a conscience when they turn professional?)

All the top names in bass fishing will be on Lake Lanier.  Click Here for Contestant Profiles

No, I will not be among the contestants.  I’ve told WAY too many whoppers about the fish that got away.

Click Here for Forrest Wood Cup Details


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