Sunken Treasures and Brad Wiegand

Accidents happen.

After much discussion about why the houseboat and other flotsam sank into Lake Lanier near Clarks Bridge Park and Laurel Park in Hall County near Gainesville, GA, more attention is being put into removing the hazardous eyesore.

Just in time to keep the passageway safe for boaters attending the popular Fourth of July fireworks at Laurel Park, sponsored by American Legion Post 7.

The owner of the mess is Ann Krummel.  Her houseboat, a runabout and other items were damaged in a storm in 2011.  The boats sunk and attempts to remove them inexpensively failed.

[Please note: The writer has been informed by “Comma Momma” that the word “sank” should have been used instead of “sunk.”  The writer believes Comma Momma, but thinks “sunk” looks better anyway.  Thank you.]

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers asked her to remove the boats.  Doing so was too costly for Ms. Krummel.  That’s when things got messy.

Although Ms. Krummel owns the sunken former-treasures and a nearby lake lot, she does not own the shoreline and is not allowed to simply have a company like “Fred’s Cranes and Welding” drive some humongous contraption down to the water, scoop up the scrap and drive it away.

Your government at work.

[Cue the Hero]

The owner of Boat Dock Works — Click Here to Contact the Heroes at Boat Dock Works — is Brad Wiegand.  This gentleman has offered to come to the rescue and rid us all of this issue, once and for all, by putting the remnants of these dreamboats onto a barge, and recycling much of the matter.

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) is not out for vengeance.  All they want is to have the hazard removed, according to Nick Baggett, natural resource manager for the ACE.

Our thanks to everyone involved for working together to solve the problem.

The next time your houseboat sinks, please call Brad Wiegand for removal.

If you see a man riding a big white steed on the waters of Lake Lanier, give a wave to Mr. Wiegand.

Thank you.

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