Port Royale Marina on Lake Lanier

Port Royale Marina & Lakeside Community has been around ever since Lake Lanier was created.

According to their literature, Port Royale is the largest floating boating center in the country.

Formerly known as “Lan Mar Marina,” Port Royale has everything you’ll need to enjoy Lake Lanier … from dockside dining to getting you out on the water in style.

You can rent any type of boat you can afford — and with enough credit you can even rent giant ships for that once-in-a-lifetime cruise with all your friends and relatives and pay the bill on what the British wisely call “the never-never.”

Speedboats?  Check.

Zippy personal watercraft?  Check.

Demure pontoon boats for small families?  Yup.

Houseboats so big and fancy they’d make Kim Kardashian blush?  Oh, yeah!

You can get them all at Port Royale.  Not only that, you can even buy a goofy “Captain’s hat” at the ship store.  (For a big enough tip, the pretty girls will even refer to you as “Admiral” — but I wouldn’t push that too hard.)

Get seasick in the shower?  Hang around and play pirate with the swabbies at Pelican Pete’s on the safe and secure dock.  Good food, good music and great times await.  The party starts when you arrive.

Dock your own boat or rock one of theirs.  It’s up to you.

Don’t miss the lakeside fun at Port Royale on Lake Lanier.


  • Bath house & showers
  • Boat rentals
  • Boat sales & brokerage
  • Certified technicians on site with warranty service available
  • Dry dock & wet dock storage
  • Easily accessible from GA 400 & I-985
  • Fresh water available on all docks
  • Full parts and service on all makes and models
  • Large gas island with 18 gas pumps — 100% ethanol-free gas is available
  • Onsite 24-hour security for your protection
  • Open 7-days-a-week year round
  • Pay at the pump
  • Pelican Pete’s Restaurant
  • Private boat ramp
  • Two ship stores
  • State-of-the-art wash rack facility
  • Up to 100-amps power available on all docks
  • ValTek certified fuel dock
  • Wireless Internet service
  • Year-round 24-hour self service pump out
  • Year-round bath facilities
  • Year-round bath facilities with showers


Details, Details, Details

Address: 9200 Lan Mar Road, Gainesville, GA  30506

Click Here for Google Map Directions

Phone: 770-887-5715

Click Here for Port Royale Boat Rentals

Click Here for Pelican Pete’s

Click Here for Port Royal’s Website 

What You See is What You Get at Port Royale

Tough decision. Zoom around the lake or sit under a palm tree. Or both? — (Picture: Robert Sutherland)
Forget tennis. Speedboat, anyone? — (Picture: Robert Sutherland)
I’ll bet Port Royale Marina would sell you that boat on the right. — (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)

I’m thinking … three-hour cruise. How ’bout you? — (Photo: Robert Sutherland)
I wonder if there’s a boat rental discount on Talk Like a Pirate Day? — (Picture: Robert Sutherland)
If you’re wondering which houseboat is the fastest, you need a vacation more than you think. — (Snapshot: Robert Sutherland)


Hmmmm. I wonder which one is fastest? — (Photo: Robert Sutherland)
See you soon … at Port Royale. — (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)

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Robert J. Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life in Gainesville, GA.
Robert has two adult daughters, seven practically perfect grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. Contact Robert at [email protected].

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