Saddle Up for Horseback Riding at Lanier Islands

Horseback riding at Lanier Islands
Horseback riding at Lanier Islands

Speedboats with 750 horsepower.  Sailboats with zero horsepower.  Fishing boats with 250 horsepower.  None of them can compare to the powerful experience of viewing the lake while horseback riding at Lanier Islands.

Take the reins of a gentle steed with one horsepower and meander along hidden trails with scenery that can only be seen from the saddle.

The Equestrian Center offers trail rides, pony rides, horseback riding at Lanier Islands, summer camps, riding lessons for little cowboys and cowgirls, and a chance for old cowhands to yippee-kie-yay for another day.

Saddle up Traveler and pretend you and John Wayne (ask your grandfather) are on patrol along Lake Lanier’s shoreline.  Bring a harmonica to serenade your sweetheart or to soothe an imaginary herd of dogies.  But I digress…

What?  Your kids know more about iPhones than real ponies?  For shame!  Send your young ‘uns to the Fall Horsecamp at the Stables at Lanier Islands before bad hombres hornswaggle them.

Young cowpokes aged 7 to 14 will learn about horses “from the hoof up” as they earn confidence in the saddle and in life too.  Horsecamp hits the trail on Monday, November 21st and moseys along until Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

You can pay for a day or the whole shebang, pardner.  You’d better giddy-up before all the saddles are filled.  Call 678-318-7886 to book your child for an adventure that can’t be matched online.

Horseback Riding at Lanier Islands

Sing along with that old trail tune, I’m an Old Cowhand from Lanier Islands.

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