Holiday Accidents on Lake Lanier

DNR Rangers patrolling Lake Lanier. -- (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Thankfully, there have been no drownings on Lake Lanier, as of 11 AM, Memorial Day 2012.  Drownings were reported on two of Georgia’s other lakes: one on Union County’s Lake Nottely and the other on Lake Allatoona.

Click Here for Drowing on Lake Allatoona

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reports three minor boating accidents — two with injuries — on Lake Lanier.  Four other boating accidents were investigated in Georgia thus far this weekend.

Six citations were issued on Lake Lanier for boating under the influence Sunday, May 27th on Lanier, with six others handed out statewide.

DNR Rangers are working to keep Lanier safe for all boaters, skiers, PWC operators and fisherpeople this holiday weekend.

Anyone exhibiting recklessness and/or boating under the influence will be cited.

Please be careful out there.  You are important to us.


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