Why Do Hikers Trek the Appalachian Trail?

The Appalachian Trail means different things to different people.  It’s more than just a great alibi when you want leave the governor’s office and fly to Argentina to hang out with your girlfriend.  Much more.

The motivations, goals and hopes of those who hit the trail are fascinating.  We’ve collected many of their tales and published them at AppalachianTrail.com.

You’ll read tales of families hiking together, couples, dreamers, professional wanderers, and those who hike for charity or to raise awareness of a cause or two.  Read a few tales and you’ll get a sense of who might actually make it all the way.

Hike the trail (vicariously) with them.  You might even be motivated to make the list yourself someday.

Go for it.  And keep us posted, please.

AppalachianTrail.com’s Hikers’ Tales

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Robert J. Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life in Gainesville, GA.
Robert has two adult daughters, seven practically perfect grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. Contact Robert at [email protected].

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