Jeffini the Great! is Magical!

What a marvelous evening I had with about 200 other folks — most of them little kids — at a “magic” show by the Atlanta-area entertainer, Jeffini the Great!  We had a Jeffini the Great time!

Kids are great.  Grandchildren are even better.  That’s why I was not going to miss a performance for children by Jeffini the Great! at a fundraising event for a local church.

Jeffini the Great! ~ Photo from

I happily paid $12 for my ticket — with the profits going to send missionaries to preach the gospel around the world — and took my seat in the back of the auditorium.  I had a fine view of the stage and an even better view of 100+ kids giggling and laughing and having more fun than any video game or phone app could ever provide.

Jeffini the Great! put on a terrific show.  His “magic” rings that he “magically” connected and disconnected probably wouldn’t fool nationally famous magicians Penn & Teller, but I don’t care.

You might know how Jeffini the Great cut ropes into pieces and then “magically” made them whole again.  I don’t know how he did it, and from the roars from happy kids, they didn’t either.

Seriously.  When was the last time you felt like you could take your kids to a show and not have to worry about what they were going to see or hear?  What Jeffini the Great! does is magical because it just plain fun.  No politics.  No bad language.  Nobody doing anything you’ll regret later.

Is Jeffini the world’s best ventriloquist?  Nope.  Not even close.  Will your kids think he’s the world’s best ventriloquist?  Absolutely!  That’s the fun part.  Kids like to have fun and Jeffini the Great! is great at helping kids have fun.

I loved how Jeffini “chose” the pastor of this church to be the person Jeffini sawed in half.  I loved how he had kids help out on stage with a few gags.  I loved how we all loved the fun of Jeffini the Great!

Looking for someone to entertain the crowd at your next corporate event, non-profit fundraiser or a child’s birthday party?  Jeffini will travel anywhere near Lake Lanier, or beyond.

Pull a rabbit out of your hat and hire the magical Jeffini the Great!

Jeffini the Great!

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