Pssst! Hey, you! Wanna play a role in a murder mystery?

Yup.  Here’s your big chance to be part of a murder mystery that won’t send you up the river for the rest of your life!  (Or the most seriously ugly adventure of your life.)

Here’s the deal:

The Holly Theater will be holding auditions for a murder mystery dinner show production of “Til’ Death Do us Part” directed by Karen Mannis.
Auditions take place on Wednesday, August 14th at 7 pm at the Achasta Club House.

They are looking for and 7 men and 7 women between the ages of 21-80 to play characters in the wedding party.

The performances will take place at the Achasta Golf & Country Club, located at 639 Birch River Drive in Dahlonega.

Please contact Karen at 404-435-9513 for more information or if you wish to audition but you are unable to attend on August 14th.

Please Note:  Sorry, but no matter how unhappily married you might be, your spouse cannot be added to the cast of this mystery murder.  It’s a lawyer thing.  Thank you.

Click Here for the Murder Mystery Auditions

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