Lake Lanier Rowing Club Hot & Cold News

I recently saw a Facebook post from a friend of a friend who posted a link from a friend about news that the Lake Lanier Rowing Club (LLRC) has a new web address.

One thing is certain: you can find the Lake Lanier Rowing Club on the Wild Wild Web at  That’s the old news.

Now, Water People, here’s the cold news!

According to a Facebook post by Jane Fisher sent to the LLRC’s Facebook page (where I saw it), LLRC President Robin Millard has news about the club’s Polar Bear Row on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

The Polar Bear Row will take place rain or shine at 10:00 AM!  (Which is good news, because the weather forecast says it’s going to rain — with a high of 65 and a darn good chance of thunderstorms.)

According to someone’s Facebook post that I saw somewhere:

In the past we have encouraged crazy hats and unusual uniforms, maybe your favorite Falcons apparel, so come join the fun.  Please sign up HERE, same as practice, for Polar bear row so we can get a head count for food.

Please Note:  If you hear thunder or see lightning, please remove any hats made of tin foil.  Thank you.

There will be a dandy aprés-row party with a light brunch (girl talk for “not a lot of food, so plan on having lunch later”) and a time to celebrate everyone’s birthdays.  Yes, there will be cake.

If you are Facebook friends with anyone who has Facebook friends who might know someone with the Lake Lanier Rowing Club, please ask them to have the LLRC email news of events to:  [email protected].  Thanks again.

Happy Paddling!

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