2017 Lake Lanier Association Update

Lake Lanier Association ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The 2017 Lake Lanier Association (LLA) update includes news that Wilton Rooks is the new president of LLA.  He will, no doubt, continue the excellent 18-year legacy of former president Val Perry.  Wilton has already been on the board for more than six years.

Wilton, Val and Joanna Cloud, executive director of LLA, are thankful for their board of directors, members and active individuals in our community who have:
Removed over 50 tons of trash, installed more solar lights, rip-rapped islands that were slowly disappearing, removed abandoned boats from the lake and worked with city, county, state and federal officials to create a sustainable Lake Lanier that contributes to our economy and quality of life.

Joanna says, “2017 promises to be an active year for the lake with more discussions on the recently released Water Control Manual and the anticipated recommendation by the Special Master on the lawsuit brought by Florida against the state of Georgia.  Only time will tell if his recommendations mark the end of the legal battles or just the beginning of more water wars.  We hope it is the end.”

Click Here for Water Control Manual Update’s Impact on Lake Lanier!

Stop by their booth at the Atlanta Boat Show and join LLA.

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