2017 Atlanta Boat Show & Alice’s Restaurant

2017 Atlanta Boat Show

Your parents used to sing a song called, “Alice’s Restaurant,” about a place where you could get anything you want — “except for Alice.”  The 2017 Atlanta Boat Show is like that too.

You can get any boat you want — sailboat, cabin cruiser, speedboats, personal watercraft, ski boats with bazillion-watt waterproof speakers, pontoon boats and probably a submarine — but you cannot get any of the blonde babes in bikinis or handsome dudes who look like they can afford to pay cash for a boat, whether they’re named Alice or Alex.

Put on a pair of comfy shoes and slap a few liters of water in your fanny pack and take a day hike around Hall C at the Georgia World Congress Center, January 12th – 15th.  Your mind will swim when you view the options available if you’re in the market for anything that floats on Lake Lanier.

My guess is most boat dealers don’t sell many fancy boats in January.  Our minds are elsewhere.  We’re thinking about how we’re ever going to pay the credit card bills for Christmas presents that went on sale a week later at 75% discounts, for example.

You can get a great deal on the boat of your dreams (unless you dream that it comes with beautiful people and 2.5 perfect kids, at no extra charge) and you can also find happy people who will loan you all the money you’ll need to put you on the lake at the 2017 Atlanta Boat Show!

Even if you don’t buy a boat, you’ll lose five pounds of Christmas cookies enjoying the sights.  Be sure to be friendly to strangers.  If you don’t buy a boat, maybe they’ll give you a ride in theirs!

Bring the kids!  If they’re younger than 16, they get in free when accompanied by an adult.  (That means kids 15 and younger get in free.)

If you do buy a snazzy speedboat, please consider naming it “Alice.”  Thank you.

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