Mule Camp Market Kicks Off on October 7, 2016

Mule Camp Market
Mule Camp Market

Mule Camp Springs isn’t exactly the perfect name for a town.  My guess is Tom Brady never said to Giselle, “Hey, baby!  Wanna go to Mule Camp Springs?”  But if anyone says to you, “Hey!  Ya wanna go to the Mule Camp Market in Gainesville?,” say yes!

Gainesville — formerly known as Mule Camp Springs — transforms its iconic town square into the most fabulous fall festival this side of Dahlonega.  As with Gainesville, this event has changed its name a couple of times.  Now, Mule Camp Market, a gift to our community from the Gainesville Jaycees, is known all around the Southeast as the place to be for crafts, music, tasty treats, people watching and, yes, to watch your favorite team play on a very large screen TV.

Roughly 75,000 people are expected to attend this delightful festival, held annually on the second weekend of October.  It’s not too big for introverts and just big enough for extroverts.

There’s stuff for the kids and even Mister Grumpy.  If they fuss, just tell them you’ll pay to let them ride a mule or two until they stop acting up.  That’ll work.  If not, calm them down at the petting zoo or at Downtown Drafts.

So, come one and come all to the Mule Camp Market, Friday through Sunday, October 7th – 9th.

Mule Camp Hours

Friday: 10 am until 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am until 7 pm
Sunday: 12 pm until 5 pm


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