Low Boat Docks on Lake Lanier

Low boat docks on Lake Lanier are easy to find these days.  The official level at Buford Dam on September 28, 2016, was 1064.53 feet above sea level.  This time of year the lake is considered to be at what’s called “Full Pool” when the level is 1071 feet.

We’re about 1.5′ lower today than in 2015 and roughly 3.5′ lower than 2014.  Doesn’t sound like much, unless you’re in one of the lake’s many shallow arms, but the is lake down about 6.5 feet from full pool.

Low water on Lanier can mean the difference between your boat floating from your dock to the lake or mowing the lawn between your dock and the lake.

Now that additional docks are Lanier are virtually impossible to obtain, we can only guess how much the value of lake homes with docks will appreciate in the coming years.

If you’re shopping for that perfect spot on the lake — where you can hear your neighbor’s leaf blower from a hundred miles away and you can look out your window toward the lake and see fisherpeople trying to unsnag their lures from your boat’s interior — consider shopping when the lake is down.

If you don’t, you might find your dock high and dry … or land locked.

Join the fight for a safe, clean and full lake with the Lake Lanier Association.


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