The Water Crisis is Not Over for Forsyth County thanks Patrick Fox of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for this important update about Lake Lanier.

“Atlanta’s near-death experience of losing Lake Lanier as a water source may have ended last summer, but the threat is not over for nearly 5 million area residents who rely on the lake and its releases into the Chattahoochee River for their existence.

“City and county utilities are still navigating a murky future, rife with possible litigation that stifles plans for growth and may affect what each household pays for water.

Amid this uncertainty, the state’s fastest-growing county finds itself in need of a new water contract. What it pays and how it negotiates could set the stage for other cities or counties who don’t have access to a lake or stream.

Forsyth County’s 25-year water contract with the city of Cumming ends in May, and some county officials worry the city may have it over a barrel.

It has nowhere else to go. And it’s not alone. Other cities or counties without their own pipe into a lake or stream must often negotiate rates with exclusive suppliers.

All past efforts by Forsyth to gain access to Lake Lanier or the Chattahoochee River downstream have failed, and that’s not likely to change while the state’s water future remains in doubt.”

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