Don Carter State Park’s New Trails for Horses & Hikers

Don Carter State Park
Don Carter State Park

Steven Emery, assistant manager at Don Carter State Park, is taking the reins and galloping toward adding more than 20-miles of new trails and equestrian paths around their 1,300 acres of land on the shores of Lake Lanier.

Don’t saddle up yet.  We’ll let you know when to giddy-up.

Ain’t got a pony?  Don’t let that worry you none.

Steve Emery and his crew are also fixin’ to add more walking and hiking trails at Don Carter State Park, where never is heard a discouraging word.  Nine miles of hiking trails are going in, for a total of 12-1/2 miles of solitude and nature, not far from your car.

Walkers and merry campers won’t be stampeded by wild horses.  The 12-1/2-miles of horse trails will be on the north side of the park with the hiking trails to the south.  The horse paths will be 48″ wide.  Hiking trails will be 18″.  That will provide room without paving paradise.

Loops and connectors on the new trails allow folks long or short trips with spectacular views of Lake Lanier.

Bring the old gray mare to the new trails at Don Carter State Park!  She’ll be as good as new.

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