DNR Offers $1,000 Life Sciences Teacher Grant

Know a Life Sciences teacher who could use $1,000?
Know a Life Sciences teacher who could use $1,000?

Teachers in public or private schools who teach third, fourth or fifth grade are eligible for a $1,000 Life Sciences teacher grant from the Nongame Conservation Section of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The person who receives the grant will be a model of exceptional energy and innovation in teaching life sciences.

The Environmental Resource Network (TERN), a friends group of the Nongame Conservation Section, is making the grant possible.

Through education, research and management, the Nongame Conservation Section works to safeguard Georgia’s native diversity of wild animals, plants and their habitats – while also striving to increase public enjoyment of the outdoors.

The purpose of the Life Sciences teacher grant is to recognize and help an outstanding teacher who uses Georgia’s nongame wildlife as the context for learning third-, fourth- or fifth-grade curriculum standards, according to Linda May, DNR environmental outreach coordinator.

“Students who learn about plants, wildlife and habitats often develop an appreciation for these diverse natural resources and are then motivated to be good stewards of the environment – not just during childhood but also as adults,” said May, who works with the Nongame Conservation Section.

Nongame wildlife refers to native animals that are not fished for or hunted and rare plants not harvested, such as gopher tortoises and Georgia aster.

Previous grant recipients fostered a love of Georgia’s natural heritage and taught students how to contribute to healthy ecosystems through their everyday actions. For example, at Rocky Branch Elementary in Watkinsville, teacher Shawna Babin and third-graders explored soils, plant adaptations and habitat types using worm farms and greenhouses.

More recently, students at Whit Davis Elementary in Athens created Georgia-specific habitats with representative animals in aquariums for the school’s science laboratory, all with guidance from science specialist Steven King and the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Students observed the aquarium activity and recorded findings in a journal and through videos broadcast on the school’s district cable TV channel.

Life Sciences Teacher Grant Details

  • $1,000 grant to a Georgia third-, fourth- or fifth-grade public or private school teacher who demonstrates exceptional energy and innovation in teaching life sciences.
  • Provided by Georgia DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section and The Environmental Resource Network (TERN), the section’s friends group.
  • Deadline to apply is September 15, 2014.
  • Recipient announced in October.

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