Updated: Fireworks Displays Postponed

7-4 weather radar
Weather Channel weather radar as of 3 PM, July 4, 2013

With a 100% chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms predicted for the Fourth of July, it’s no surprise that many of the fireworks extravaganzas planned to celebrate Independence Day have been postponed.

Good idea.

Here are some of the official postponement notices.

If we don’t list the celebration you’re wondering about, we apologize.  If it makes you feel better, go anyway and stand out in the rain shouting, “Oooo! Ahhhh! Wow!!!” but watch out for lightning.

Lake Lanier Islands

Fireworks postponed until Saturday, July 6th

Click Here for Details


Fireworks postponed until Friday, July 19th

Click Here for Acworth’s postponed fireworks


Fireworks for July 4th cancelled

Click Here for Canton’s fireworks cancellation message


Fireworks now scheduled for Saturday, July 6th

Click Here for Covington’s 7-6 fireworks


Fireworks are STILL scheduled for July 3rd.  If they’re rained out, they will NOT be rescheduled.

Click Here for Fireworks in Cumming


Fireworks postponed until Saturday, July 6th

Click Here for Dahlonega’s Fireworks on July 6th

Dawson County

Sparks in the Park has been rescheduled for August 30th, to begin Labor Day festivities.

Click Here for Sparks in the Park Postponement

Gainesville’s Laurel Park

Fireworks postponed until Labor Day

Click Here for VFW Fireworks Postponed


Helen, Georgia, has cancelled their July 4th fireworks.  They’ll be added to Helen’s Centennial celebration on August 17th.

Click Here for Helen’s Centennial Celebration


Kennesaw postpones 7-3-13 fireworks

Click Here for Info on Kennesaw’s Fireworks


The July 4th Prelude program has been cancelled.

Click Here for Lawrenceville’s Prelude program cancellation.


Fireworks for 7-4 cancelled

Click Here for Marietta’s Fireworks Cancellation


The Main Street parade has been cancelled. The fireworks show rescheduled for Sept. 2nd.

Click Here for Woodstock Fireworks Postponed

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