Local Warning Sirens to Wail on 2-20-13

warning sirens

The next test of Hall County’s severe weather warning system will take place Wednesday, February 20, 2013, at 10 AM.  The sirens will wail for about three minutes.

Hall County Central Communications/E9-1-1 audible tests of the severe weather warning system occur once every three months.

It is true that Hall County’s Warning System is tested silently every morning at 9 AM; however, it is not true that tests are conducted by mimes atop the warning siren towers.

Sound tests will not be conducted if there is a severe weather watch or warning in effect for Hall County.  Except for previously announced tests, if the sirens go off, it is a severe weather warning.

For additional information, please Hall County Central Communications/E9-1-1 at 770-531-6765.

Click Here to Download a Map of Hall County’s Emergency Sirens

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