Contra Dance Your Troubles Away

contraThe world gotcha down, bunkie?  Sick of all the news and tired of staying home on Saturday nights … when all the cool kids are out having fun?

Have I got a deal for you!

Contra dancing!  It’s like country dancing to super country fiddle, banjo and geetar music.  There are few things I have ever done that are as joyous.

For Single Men Only:

Tired of trolling the aisles of Target for The Perfect Woman?  Going broke from buying strangers drinks in dark loud bars?  Ashamed of pretending to be a sky-diving, sensitive guy who actually likes cats and chick flicks?  Good.  That’s the beginning of the end of loneliness, bucko.  Get some soft-soled shoes and dance!

For Single Ladies Only:

Tired of pretending you care about the difference between a tight end and a strong safety?  Weary of loser dates buying you cheap beer and germy pretzels?  Do men only take you to eat where the cold, greasy food comes in a paper bag?  Yes!  You’re ready to dance, mama.  Dance those blues away!

For Everybody Else:

Try to be nice to the noobs who are there looking for love.  They’ll fall in love with the music and the fun.  It just might take a song or two.  Be kind and try to smile.  They’ll learn that love will come to them when they stop looking … and start dancing.

Hmmm.  Where was I?

Ahhh!  Contra Dancing at the Sautee-Nachoochee Center.  (Spelling that would be a terrific sobriety test.)

You are invited to commence to dancin’ on Saturday, December 29th to celebrate the New Year.

You know what that means, right?  Yupper.  You get to celebrate New Year’s Eve two times.  Oh, yeah.  Does that rock or what?

Don’t fiddle around with trying to con somebody into going with you.  All you need is YOU to have a good time.

Seriously.  The contra dance folks will take good care of you.  It’s a wacko-free zone.  Nice people will teach you how to contra dance and nice people will dance with you.  Simple, huh?

Give your feet a treat.  Go contra dancing with some of the nicest people in the mountains and some of best music anywhere.

The Fine Print

What: Sautee Community Contra Dance

When:  Saturday, December 29th.  Free lessons to get ANYBODY dancing at 7:30 PM.  The real thing goes from 8 until 11.

Where:  The beloved historic gym of the Sautee Nacoochee Center at 283 Highway 255 North, Sautee, GA 30571, just a quarter-mile off Highway 17.  The gym is not far from Helen, Georgia — but it’s in a parallel universe.

Who’s playing?:  Cattywampas

Who’s calling?:  Susan Davis

How much?  $8/adult.  $7/SNCA members.  $4/student.  Children 7 and younger are free with a supervising parent.

What if I don’t believe it’s really that much fun or I’m afraid I’ll get lost?  Call Walter Daves at 706-754-3254 or e-mail Julianne Wilson at [email protected]

Banjo music in the moutains?  Really?  Is it safe?  Yup.  Bring your kids too.  They’ll wear themselves out and sleep all the way home.

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