Results from Hawgin on Lake Lanier

Anna & James Mundy from Pop N Chubby’s BBQ in Cumming. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)

The Gainesville Jaycees held their inaugural “Hawgin’ on Lanier” BBQ cook off and family fun day, Saturday, November 10th at Laurel Park on Lake Lanier.

Grasshopper, the humble ninja, and I got a late start and didn’t arrive until after 2 PM.  The cooking was all done by then and the crowds had thinned out a bit, but there were smiling (painted) faces, pony rides, the final judging of the entries and leftovers!

It’s hard being a world-famous writer trying to anonymously mingle with The Little People.  (Not that I’d know, mind you.)  I put on my best Clark Kent attitude and spoke with a number of vendors.

My favorite?  The folks from Pop N Chubby’s BBQ from Cumming.  They were great.  Almost as great as their amazingly succulent BBQ ribs.  Yes, they gave me a couple to munch on, as I pretended not to be famous.  Then, I whipped out my camera and told them who I was.

Anna & James Mundy of Pop N Chubby’s BBQ of Cumming. Their team won the Grand Champion trophy in Backyard competition. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)

They teased me and acted like they’d never heard of me.  What kidders!  (That cost them a hunk of delicious pulled-pork.)

James and Anna Mundy — along with Stephen & Deena Robinson, Shan Mize and Mike Renzi — have a secret sauce and a homemade rub.  They agreed to tell me what the mystery ingredients were, but then they said they’d have to kill me before I published them.  Ignorance is bliss … and healthy.

How did this incredible “backyard team” do?  They hogged four trophies:

  • 1st place in ribs
  • 2nd place in pork
  • 2nd place in chicken and
  • the Grand Champion trophy in Backyard.

Good things happen to good people … who cook fabulous BBQ.  Click here for their Facebook page.

Among the other great contenders:

  • Foggy Bottom Competition Team
  • Blazin’ Bytes BBQ
  • The Pit Crew
  • Hog Pound Smokers
  • Tough Dawg Grillers
  • Smokin’ Butts and
  • Myron Mixon.

Gainesville’s Jaycees provide us with the best reasons to help them support local charities.  Click here for their website.

Click Here for Hawgin on Lake Lanier


Bob Roberts from Two Old Men & A Grill. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)
James & Janie Dillingham’s Custom Bird Houses from Dawsonville, GA. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)
Sweet Water Brewing Bar-B-Que has wonderfully sweet BBQ. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)
BBQ makes everybody happy. (Photograph by Robert Sutherland)

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