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The Lake Lanier Association (LLA) is a stalwart ally in the fight to keep Lake Lanier full, clean and safe.

Lake Lanier Association’s Executive Director Joanna Cloud does a marvelous job pursuing the goals set by the non-profit group’s board of directors.

To help set future priorities, LLA is seeking your input.

You are invited to take the Lake Lanier Association Survey.

I took it myself.  Completing the survey took less than two minutes.  They didn’t ask for money or try to sell me Lucky Rocks from Lake Lanier.  They didn’t ask for my e-mail address, bank account numbers or my favorite color.

The LLA survey is straightforward, easy to understand and simple to complete.

Your response will make a difference.

Click Here to Take the Lake Lanier Association Survey

Click Here to Contact the Lake Lanier Association


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