An Open Letter to Tameka, Ryan & Usher

Dear Tameka Foster, Ryan Glover and “Usher” Raymond:

We want you to know that we are sorry for what you are going through.  People everywhere feel your pain.

We have kids of our own or children we know and love.

To go to Lake Lanier for a day of fun and joy — and to have such a tragic accident instead — must cause you life-numbing pain.

To have Kile Glover rushed to the hospital … and for his unnamed friend to be hurt … is every parent’s nightmare.

For injuries so severe … and how your lives changed in an instant … we want you to know we are sorry for your loss.

You asked us to pray for Kile.  We have prayed and we will continue to do so.

Your pain must be multiplied by daily news reports about “pulling the plug” on your beloved child, and expiring insurance benefits, and “sources” who are quoted who pretend to express your most innermost thoughts.  We are so sorry for their recklessness.

If only we could pull the plug on the media circus haunting your family in this time of crisis.

Most of us know this is a story about a wounded little boy and his wounded family.  We grieve with you, but we have not lost hope for your family.

We’re praying.  We’re hoping for the best and we’re sorry that your private pain has been insulted by the media.

We simply want to let you know that we care.

God bless you.


Click Here for Bogus Reporting on Kile Glover’s Medical Bills

Click Here for the Media Circus Story


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