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Reading newspapers is as foreign to yoots [Please Note: This term entered the American lexicon via the ancient movie, My Cousin Vinny, and is roughly translated “youths.”  Thank you.] as wearing wristwatches or making their beds without threats of violence.

We, however, are not among those who believe newspapers should use the slogan, “Yesterday’s news! Tomorrow!”

The Gainesville Times, for example, rocks the news — online and in print.  Trustworthy details.  Interesting stories.  Local reporting.

Now, the Times sends you instantaneous lifesaving news and weather with their “Times To Go” mobile app.

Times To Go gives you the option of having the latest news, sports and weather — including severe weather advisories — delivered to your mobile device.

For free.

No more waiting until tomorrow to read about yesterday’s storms.  Get severe weather alerts when you need to know — before storms strike.

(If New Orleans’ Times-Picayune were as well managed as the Times, they would still be printing daily papers.)

Kudos to our friends at The Gainesville Times for this gift to our Lake Lanier community.

Click Here to Register for the Times To Go Mobile App

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Robert has two adult daughters, seven practically perfect grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. Contact Robert at [email protected].

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