Gwinnett County Police Travel Advisory (4 PM 1-29-14)

Gwinnett County Police Department Precinct Map
Gwinnett County Police Department Precinct Map

Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) Public Information Officer Cpl. Jake Smith says the GCPD is asking drivers to stay home and avoid using the roads.

There have been some improvements on many roads today, Wednesday, January 29, 2014, however, dangerous conditions are still present throughout the county.

Temperatures will drop below freezing again tonight, refreezing any ice or snow that may have melted; dangerous conditions will likely continue through tomorrow morning.  Some areas may remain dangerous through Friday morning.

GCPD recommends drivers wait until Thursday afternoon (1/30/14) to retrieve vehicles.  Anyone attempting to retrieve a vehicle today should do so before dark.  Any vehicle which presents a road hazard will be towed; vehicles which are not a hazard will be left in place.  Towed vehicles will be stored at the impound lots of the respective companies, not at a police facility.

GCPD utilizes three wrecker services: Lance, Statewide, and Willard’s.  Lance serves West Precinct and East Precinct.  Statewide serves Central Precinct and South Precinct.  Willard’s serves North precinct.  A precinct map is attached.  City police departments and Georgia State Patrol have separate arrangements.

During the period of noon on Tuesday (1/28/14) to noon today (1/29/14), GCPD responded to 401 accidents, 415 “road hazard” calls, and 185 “assist motorist” calls.

Amazingly, there have not been any traffic fatalities during this period.

We are grateful for how the South rose to the occasion with people helping people as good neighbors always do.

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