Clark’s Bridge Olympic Rowing Venue Hosed

Thank goodness not everything was created in order to be forgotten and trashed — like music from the 80s.  Take, for example, fire hoses from the 80s.

It’s not reliable enough for fighting fires, and fire hose museums are few and far between.  Where most of us saw trash, the brilliant, creative and green mind of Josh Pruner, a Gainesville High School student, recognized opportunity bumping at his door.

Josh wonderfully saved the hose, helped the Lake Lanier Olympic venue at Clarks Bridge Park … and pursued his Eagle Scout leadership service project all at once.

The Gainesville Fire Department agreed to Josh’s request to donate the unused hose for the project by Troop 16, sponsored by Gainesville First United Methodist Church.

The old fire hose will now grace the docks — as bumpers — at the rowing venue. applauds Josh’s ingenuity, the generosity of the Gainesville Fire Department and all those who installed the new bumpers.

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