How Do You Fill a Dry Lake? — a blog is happy to bring you the writings and profundity of assorted local deep thinkers. This post, by Gainesville’s own Allie Lousch, is interesting and insightful.  We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

“Gainesville, Georgia, wraps around the often-beautiful and busy Lake Lanier, northeast of Atlanta. It is a man-made lake and provides respite, recreation venues, and tourist income for an area that still reels from the recession.

It’s also dry – at one point this winter – 20 feet below “normal.”  Winter rains have raised water levels and things are “looking up.”  I think about the lake daily because the route to work takes me over two bridges that cross its north eastern fingers.  After a longish day at work, I crossed the first bridge and wondered, “How is that lake ever going to get full again?” This thought followed, “It can’t fill itself.”

And then I wondered if I were like the lake, draining away strength and hope and expecting the wrong things to fill me up again – like DOing, serving, and – these days – living a too-quiet life.

Life clicks along and parts wear out, fuel depletes, and changes challenge the mechanics of our living.  Often, we scramble to backfill or patch our weary lives hoping that effort and energy will solve the drought.

What do you do when you are depleted?”

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