As of March 2019, Blue Ridge Campgrounds at Lanier Islands Resort — formerly the perfect spot for rustic lakeside camping, with a nearby water park, marvelous spa and a healthy dose of fine dining — will not reopen for the 2019 camping season.  When it reopens, we’ll let you know.

Sunset at Lake Lanier Islands ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

At some point in the future, Blue Ridge Campgrounds at Lanier Islands will reopen — better than ever.

Not looking for a campsite in the wild wilderness?

At Blue Ridge Campgrounds, you can “be one with nature” and rough it outdoors.

When that craziness wears off, knock (or kick) a ball around one of the region’s premier golf courses.

When your zeal for exercise wears off, head for the day spa, before your exciting evening at Lanier Islands.

Then, rest well in your teensy tent and gather strength for tomorrow.  Or, live large in your RV that has more leather than a herd of buffalo.

Lavish yourself in the lap of serenity and natural beauty in the glorious foothills of the North Georgia mountains at Blue Ridge Campgrounds.

Boat ramps are provided at Blue Ridge Campgrounds.  If you forget to bring your family’s ship, don’t worry.  You can buy a new one right around the corner!  Such a deal!

The convenient camp store at Blue Ridge rents boats, and sells just about anything you need while camping next door to LanierWorld Waterpark.

Again, Blue Ridge Campgrounds is temporarily closed.

Blue Ridge Address & Directions

Address:  7650 Lanier Islands Parkway; Buford, GA  30518

Lake Lanier Campground Information

(6) Comments

  1. Brandon

    I see the resort rents golf carts to use as transportation. But can I bring my own?

  2. robert

    Hi, Brandon.

    You will have to call the park for your answer. Contact information is in the story.



  3. SLJ

    There is no phone number for Blue Ridge Campgrounds in the story. How do I contact them about reservations?

    1. Robert Sutherland


      We regret to inform you that Blue Ridge Campgrounds will not be open for the 2019 camping season.

      Our story has been updated.



      1. Emily Morgan Alberti

        Margaritaville took over this campground opening in May

        1. Robert Sutherland


          I personally spoke with an authority at Lanier Islands who told me that they decided not to open Blue Ridge Campground this season.

          Hope that helps.



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