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    Ryan Hartwig


    Robert, that is the first piece of journalism that actually puts this into perspective. You seem to understand that even if these fees increase by a large percentage, its still a pretty dang good deal. I have been sitting here wondering, why WOULDN”T we require the permit holder to pay more. They are the beneficiary. If it isn’t paid for by the user, it has to be paid for (heavily subsidized) by taxpayers. I live in central fulton county, I couldn’t get a new dock permit even if I could afford the property. Why should my taxes be subsidizing the cost of running the program that allows the permit holder to place a dock on public property?? My tax money should be going towards other things that keep Lanier running, like keeping the dam in good shape, or keeping the parks open. Not someone’s private exclusive use of government property.
    Thank you for not being afraid to make these statements publicly. It seems like what I have read in the AJC and other news is all about the Congressmen (Collins) getting all over the Corps about how ridiculous it is. I still feel like they are getting a pretty dang good deal!


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