Perfect Weather for Mule Camp Market Fall Festival

You know what they say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a day, it’s gonna change.”  On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, Northeast Georgia was dodging Hurricane Michael.  This weekend?  Expect perfect weather for Mule Camp Market Fall Festival in downtown Gainesville.

Have fun at Mule Camp Market ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Every airplane pilot will tell you that you must trust your instruments, not your feelings, when you’re flying.  With that in mind, I will trust The Weather Channel forecast for Gainesville this weekend that predicts simply perfect weather for Mule Camp Market Fall Festival on the Square in Gainesville.  Would you believe highs in the 70s with no chance of rain on Friday or Saturday and only a slight chance of showers on Sunday?

As I write this on Wednesday, I’m glued to The Weather Channel’s online coverage of Hurricane Michael as it blasts across the Florida Panhandle into south Georgia and the Carolinas.

It hardly seems possible that we’ll have ideal autumn weather in the magnificent middle of Gainesville for one of the best arts and crafts expositions anywhere in Northeast Georgia.

Sponsored by the Jaycees of Gainesville, Mule Camp has an interesting history.

The City of Gainesville or Mule Camp Springs as it was once known, hosts this rich Appalachian festival at the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.  This festival showcases various mountain arts and crafts.  The family can enjoy mule rides, live music, and great food, while the kids enjoy the petting zoo and many other activities.

For those of us who love mountain music, we’ll enjoy that delightful treat at Mule Camp Market Fall Festival.  For those who prefer the band Drivin’ N Cryin’, drive to Gainesville’s Roosevelt Square at 6 PM on Saturday, October 13th, and cry your heart out with this band that is so popular, they’re in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

If you liked the old Corn Tassel Festival, you’ll LOVE Mule Camp Market!  Why?  Well, Mule Camp is an even bigger and better version of what used to be called the Corn Tassel Festival.

… the Corn Tassel Festival … was a fall festival with local craft exhibitors.  About 1993, the Gainesville Jaycees began running the festival and changed the name to Mule Camp Market … since then … the Market [has grown] from a local event to a regional fall festival with crowds of 75,000 for the annual 3-day weekend held the second weekend in October every year.

Meet your friends and make new friends, while you browse artistic goodies and great food on a beautiful day at Mule Camp Market on the Square in Gainesville.

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