Fireworks at Laurel Park on July 4th 2018

Watching fireworks at Laurel Park has been a tradition for many families in North Georgia.  This year, the Independence Day celebration and fireworks are scheduled for Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

Seems weird to celebrate the 4th of July on a Wednesday.  No doubt other events will have festivities on other days.  It’s not the first time this century that Independence Day fell on a Wednesday; it happened in 2001, 2007 and 2012 too.

Fireworks at Laurel Park ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Make a note to head to Laurel Park, off Route 129 north of Gainesville, on July 4th for an extraordinary time with old and new friends.

Gates open up at 9 AM.  For a mere $10 per carload of whatever, you can spend the entire day cooking out, browsing around the arts & crafts displays or going fishing while you-know-who browses around arts & crafts displays.

The fabulous kid pleaser known as the Splash Pad will cool off the kids in the most fun way ever.

You can buy food at Laurel Park for one and all … sodas and stuff too.

Then, when the sun goes down the fun begins.  Fireworks at Laurel Park!  And when they’re over … yeah.  A traffic jam.

We only bring that to your attention so that you won’t freak out waiting in line.  Make sure everybody “powders their noses” before you hit the road.  Speaking as a grandfather, you might not want to have the kids glug down more water before you get close to home.

Stay late and reflect on the day or leave a bit early and watch the fireworks from outside the park.  Spend about 90-seconds comparing the traffic at Laurel Park to the mess you’ll face if you go to Atlanta.  Presuming you get out unscathed.  The best choice?  Laurel Park.

It’s the 4th of July.  Come and have fun at Laurel Park and meet the wonderful people from WDUN.  They’ll provide music and live coverage all day.

Fireworks at Laurel Park on July 4th 2018

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