Solar Eclipse Reservations are Going … Going …

Make Solar Eclipse Reservations Soon

All those “perfect spots” you’ve been meaning to call to make reservations to watch the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st … are probably sold out.  Sorry.

Just under 4.3 jillion people made plans to watch the eclipse atop Georgia’s highest mountain at Brasstown Bald because that’s a perfect spot for viewing this rare event.

Trouble is … Brasstown Bald only sells something like 450 tickets per day and they were all sold back when we thought we looked good in disco duds.  Sorry.  They’re sold out.  Look on the bright side!  If you have tickets, you could drive there and sell them for $100 each!   If you could actually drive there — which you probably won’t be able to because 4.3 jillion people won’t get the news that tickets are sold out before they get there and the roads are going to be packed.

Another great backup plan?  The Solar Eclipse by Kayak/Canoe event at Don Carter State Park.  Truly a superb way to watch the sun go dark: from a canoe!  Alas, that’s sold out too.

Don’t let the sun set on your hopes to watch the eclipse!  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”  My mom always said that.  Here’s what she would have done — God rest her soul.

Mom would have put my brother and I into the car and headed to Clayton or Hiawassee or Blairsville or Blue Ridge on Saturday morning with enough stuff packed in the trunk for us all to survive in style for weeks.  By noon, Mom would have made 100 new friends.  By Saturday evening, former strangers would be begging her to let us all stay at their house, not someone else’s home.  She would have made even more genuine friends to cherish the rest of her life.  All of whom would tell the tale of the family they met when the sun went dark over Georgia.

If you want to see the eclipse — even with your family — find a way.  Just don’t dawdle any longer.

Georgia State Park Eclipse 2017 Information

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