Copperhead Lodge in North Georgia’s Mountains

Michelle at Copperhead Lodge will make you feel right at home. ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Copperhead Lodge in the North Georgia Mountains bills itself as “North Georgia’s Finest Resort Hotel.”  Why not?

If you are looking for a sweet spot in the mountains to rest your head, enjoy a great meal, party with the regulars or just soak in your cabin’s hot tub — you will love Copperhead Lodge.  It’s between Blairsville and Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Michelle says, “No matter the season, Copperhead Lodge is the perfect venue for memorable special events.  Whether it is for family gatherings, class reunions, or important lifestyle events, Copperhead Lodge offers a complete package for your special occasion.”

Copperhead Lodge ~ Robert Sutherland

Michelle and her crew certainly made me feel comfortable during a long ride on my motorcycle one Saturday afternoon.

I downed a tasty “au jus” sammich in a few mighty gulps while basking in the breeze all comfy on an outdoor sofa.  Heck yeah.

Please Note:  Yes, I paid for my meal and left a tip.

You don’t have to be a motorcyclist or a biker to love Copperhead Lodge, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Live music takes center stage with new music and bands every Friday and Saturday on the wrap-around covered porch, weather permitting April through November.

Food & drinks on the deck at Copperhead Lodge in North Georgia ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The Grand Lobby with its massive stone fireplace, is gorgeous. The guest rooms at the Lodge feature original art work, satellite TV, comfortable beds with luxury linens, and spacious bathrooms.

For more privacy & mountain amenities — like hot tubs & fireplaces — fully furnished log cabins are centrally located on the forty-acre resort.

Hate to go home?  Pffft.  Don’t.  They will happily sell you a cabin that you can call home.

That ain’t bad.

Hop on your Harley or charge your electric car and take a memorable ride to Copperhead Lodge, for an afternoon, a weekend or as long as you shall live.

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