Game Day at Lanier Islands ~ 9-25-16

Game Day at Lanier Islands
Game Day at Lanier Islands

Got a “big screen TV”?  Ha!  Sorry, bucko.  Size matters.  That’s why there’s nothing like Game Day at Lanier Islands.

That’s where you can watch three games on Saturday, September 25th, at the beach with your friends … food … and your favorite cold beverage.

The high-definition five-story tall, spectacular TV screen is the new standard for “big screens.”  Add in the bazillion-watt speakers that are powerful enough to sink rowboats in Cocktail Cove and you have football, my friends, Game Day style.

Starting at noon, Georgia will beat Ole Miss, followed by Tennessee defeating Florida at 3:30.  At 7:30, Kentucky will whump South Carolina.

Not into college ball?  Hit the beach on Sunday and watch two *real* teams — The Lions and the Packers — duke it out at 1 PM.  The Steelers and the Eagles play at 4:30, if you have any strength left to watch another spectacular game on the spectacular screen at Lanier Islands.

Pay to park at Lanier Islands and it’ll cost you just ten bucks to watch them Dawgs win and Florida lose.  What a deal!

Game Day at Lanier Islands Schedule


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