Lake Lanier Association’s Latest Newsletter

ShoreSweep is sponsored by the Lake Lanier Association
ShoreSweep is sponsored by the Lake Lanier Association

The July 2015 newsletter from our friends at the Lake Lanier Association is now available to download over the Internet.

Please click on the link below for your copy.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Our annual meeting, held on April 18th, was the best meeting we have held in 15 years. There were approximately 400 attendees at Port Royale Marina, a site perfectly placed at the middle of the lake, affording attendees the opportunity to easily reach a convenient location.

The Crappie Club of Lanier conducted a fish fry for everyone’s pleasure and appetite. Ken Cook, our keynote speaker, was positively received with stories of the Lake and his experiences.

Many lake vendors (LLA Business Members) had booths displaying their capabilities. They were appreciated by the attendees. We also had several new members join that day. Even with a short downpour, a great time was had by all. I guess a little rain cannot slow down lake people.

There’s also an update on Shore Sweep:

Plans for Shore Sweep, our signature “Clean Lake” program are in full swing. As we approach September, significant logistical activities are ongoing. In addition to recruiting volunteers, financial supporters and dumpster locations, we have developed an automated process for identifying items to be removed.

This is an enhancement to the scouting process in place for several years. We will be able to have significant trash identified with a picture and long/lat coordinates for easy collection on Shore Sweep day. This automation with pictures is the first time we have had coverage this strong for Lanier. Hats off to the team for their innovation and commitment to a Clean Lake.

Be sure to read about all the good things they’re doing to keep Lake Lanier safe, clean and full.

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