Lake Lanier Sailing Club’s Reggae Regatta ~ June 19-21, 2015

llsc reggae regattaThe Lake Lanier Sailing Club (LLSC) will host what they are calling “The biggest regatta on Lake Lanier in all its glory!” — The Reggae Regatta — the weekend of June 19, 2015.

Don’t know the difference between a mizzen gaff, a lugsail and a jib-headed spanker? Pffft.  Not to worry, Bucko.

Hint: A lugsail is quadrilateral sail that lacks a boom, has the foot larger than the head, and is bent to a yard hanging obliquely on the mast.  (As if you didn’t know, right?)

Don’t have a yacht that’s too big to fit under low bridges?  Pffft.  Not to worry, matey!  You can enter your “one-design dinghies” too.

What kinds of sailboats are eligible for the Reggae Regatta?

  • PHRF
  • Cruising Fleet
  • One Design
  • Multi-hull
  • Sailboards
  • Portsmouth
  • including Jr. Opti, Laser, Laser Radial, Club 420 and one design dinghies.
Please Note: Any pirates sinking other vessels will be disqualified.  Thank you.
Please Note: Any pirates sinking other vessels will be disqualified. Thank you.

Please Note:  Sorry we don’t know if your replica pirate ship will qualify.  Please hold your fire or your wenches will be asked to leave the party.  Thank you.

Click Here for Reggae Regatta Notice of Race

Yes, Grog will be Served!

It’s no secret that sailors are known to have a sip, now and then, while rolling on the high seas.  So, you won’t be surprised that there will be a beer truck will be on site with a selection of regular and craft beers, along with rum (Aaarrrgghhh!) provided by event sponsor Real McCoy Rum.

Reggae Reggata Schedule of Events

Please Note:  To change Eastern Daylight Time to Sailor Time add a fortnight, a farthing, four scores and three bells to your hourglass and/or sundial.  Thank you.

Friday June 19:

  • 1800 – Beer Truck opens & appetizers
  • 1800 – 2000 Registration and check-in
  • 2000 – Skippers meeting

Saturday, June 20:

  • 1030 – First warning
  • 1800 – Dinner
  • 2000 – Top shelf entertainment by The Fly Betty Band

Sunday, June 21:

  • 1030 – First warning
  • 1330 – No starts after this time
  • 1530 – Awards

Reggae Registration Details

Lake Lanier Sailing Club Contact Information


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