“Friends of Gulf Darters” Seeks to Buy Lake Lanier

Gulf Darter
Gulf Darter

A previously unknown group calling itself “Friends of Gulf Darters” believes it is in the best interests of Florida, Alabama and Georgia to end their decades long battle for water from Lake Lanier by selling Lake Lanier to the Friends of Gulf Darters for $1.00.

This group — in no way connected with the Gulf Darters Club, which appears to be based in Dubai — believes it is a waste of money to enrich lawyers fighting needless battles in state and federal courts when the Friends of Gulf Darters believes, if given Lake Lanier for a dollar, they would be perfectly willing to share the water with everyone in need, after Gulf Darters have had their fill.

Gulf Darters, according to one respected authority that is not involved in this issue, are “found in riffles, fast-flowing areas of clear streams, and small rivers over gravel, cobble, debris snags, clay stone, and rubble at bridge crossings.  Almost any material that provides cover in suitable current serves as a preferred habitat for this species.  The Gulf Darter is often associated with vegetation.  Spawning occurs from mid-March to late April or early May.”

The Friends of Gulf Darters believe this is the perfect time — now that it’s spawning season — to show our commitment to Gulf Darters and their kin.

When called upon to do so, please cast your vote in favor of deeding Lake Lanier over to Friends of Gulf Darters.

Thank you.

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