The Last “Mountain Music & Medicine Show”

The World's Final Mountain Music & Medicine Show Hits the Stage on October 5, 2013
The World’s Final Mountain Music & Medicine Show Hits the Stage on October 5, 2013

The Mountain Music & Medicine Show is about to join beepers, The Partridge Family, Ramblers, Atari Computers, Red Buttons and the American Middle Class.

Gone.  Over.  Kaput.  Things of the past. History.

<sniff, sniff>

Some folks will read this and say,

  1. “Shoot! I’m goin’ muddin’ with the boys.  I ain’t goin’ to no theee ate her on a Saddy night.”
  2. “Muffin and I will be hosting a lakeside party that evening. Perhaps we should send one of the servants instead?”
  3. “Dang!  The last-ever one?  Ever?  I wouldn’t miss that for a new F-150 … unless it was a blacked-out Super Duty.”
  4. “I need a new dress!  One made out of an old flour sack.”

Listen to me.  Watch my lips.


Abandon whatever worthless plans you might have made for Saturday, October 5th — even if you have to tell you-know-who that the lab called and you “need time to think.”

Your favorite movie/rock star is waiting for your call.  Do it!  Just do it!

The Bad News

The Mountain Music & Medicine Show, Dahlonega’s most praised and unique entertainment event, brings down the curtain on its most excellent adventure.

The old-time live-radio variety show has showcased regional musical talent, original radio theater, local history, humor and generally good times since before I lost my memory.

“They say” they’ve been doing the MM&MS for 12 years, but I think I first attended The Show before that.  They were over on South Chestatee Street at first.  Then, they held the show in an old church.  Then, they bought the church.  Then, they worked their way to The Big Time at the very-cool-if-you-ask-me Holly Theatre.

And that’s where they’ll hold their last performance, this Saturday.

If you don’t like old-time music, timeless fun, ancient jokes, brand-new skits and laughing for the first time in ages, don’t come.

That will leave more room for the rest of us.

The Mountain Music & Medicine Show has worthily won awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters as the “Best Locally Produced Show in the State” and has aired on GPB Radio since 2005.

Curley Maple, The Solstice Sisters and The Buzzard Mountain Boys will also appear before they all disappear.

As of Monday, September 30th, some tickets are still for sale.  But not for long.  Seriously.

Some Good News

“Doc” Johnson and The Gang will hold a reunion show in October of 2014 for a Holly Theater fundraiser.

The Fine Print

  • What:  An old-fashioned traveling music show (that doesn’t travel) with musical acts, great comedy (except when the jokes are older than the Gold Museum), masters of bluegrass, taller tales than you’ll ever hear at work and a delighted audience.
  • Where:  The Holly Theater, 69 Main Street, Dahlonega — just off The Square
  • When:  Saturday, October 5th.  Doors open at 7 PM.  Flirting & waving at friends until 7:30 Preshow.  Main show at 8 PM.
  • Why:  Because this is the most fun you can have in public without getting a DUI.
  • How much:  Cheap.  Fifteen measly bucks per ticket.
  • Tickets:  Online.  Don’t wait to get them at the door or it will be just like the time you bought that disco outfit a day after disco died.

Tickets & Stuff

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  1. Doc J

    Thanks for the kind words Robert. It was great talking with you yesterday. See you down the road.
    Henry “Doc” Johnson

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