Fall in GA: Moonshine, Pumpkins & BBQ

Fall means festivals in GA. Photograph by Robert Sutherland.

Snowed yesterday in Denver.

New England is bracing for another “Perfect Storm” caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Winter will take its first whack at us on Sunday.

There’s only one way to prepare … PARTY!!!

Last weekend we had Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega.  That’s like the Taylor Swift of fall festivals.

This weekend we’re heading for the Zack Brown Band of autumn events: Dawsonville’s Moonshine Festival.

OK, so you and the family can’t actually buy moonshine, but they have lots of other stuff you’ll love.

The Allen Family at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.

When you’ve had your fill of zippy music, zesty food and zany crafts … head down the road to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and scoop up a trunkful of gourds and pumpkins before they’re all gone.  Give yourself a break while you’re there and go on a hayride.  Pretend you’re only doing it for the kids.  They’ll believe you.  Mine always do.

Cleveland will rock this weekend too.  Take a trip to the Hillbilly Hog BBQ Throwdown & Fall Leaf Festival on Friday & Saturday … while the weather is still perfect.

Doesn’t matter where you go this weekend, just get out.  Your sofa will survive for a day or two without you.  Honest.

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