Lake Lanier’s Shore Sweep FAQ

Lake Lanier Association’s Executive Director Joanna Cloud helped compile Frequently Asked Questions about Shore Sweep 2012.

Joanna and her cadre of Lovers of Lake Lanier make the lake better for us all.

If you can pitch in for an hour or two on Saturday morning, September 29, 2012, here’s how.


1)  I want to help with Shore Sweep.  Where do I go? 

  • Any of the marinas, Lake Lanier Islands, War Hill Park in Dawson County or Clarks Bridge Park in Hall County.  Check in with the onsite location Captain to get a shoreline area assignment.
2)  Can I help if I don’t have a boat? 
  • Sure!  We need volunteers both by land and by water.

3)  Will I have to go in the water? 

  • Not necessarily, but it is a good idea to wear sneakers or shoes that can get wet or muddy.

4)  How many garbage bags do I need to bring? 

  • We supply garbage bags to the volunteers.

5)  Do they supply gloves? 

  • We have some disposable vinyl gloves for the volunteers, but it would be a good idea to bring your own garden or work gloves if you have them.
6)  What do I do with the garbage I collect? 
  • Bring it back to one of the collection points – same as the locations listed above.
 7)  Do I have to pay to do this? 
  • No.
 8)  What time does it end? 
  • 1:00 PM.
 9)  Can I bring my friends? 
  • Absolutely!

10)  If I find a treasure chest filled with pirate treasure can I keep it?

  • No, sorry.  Please give it to Robert Sutherland for safe keeping.


We’ll see you at Shore Sweep 2012!

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