Buford Dam Park

  • Address: Buford Dam Park
  • City: Buford
  • Telephone: 770-945-9531
Buford Dam Park

Buford Dam Park is a fee park and costs $4 per vehicle and $1 for pedestrians.

It has a beach with a designated swim area, picnic tables on and near the beach, volleyball and basketball areas, a couple of playgrounds, and picnic shelters/pavilions.

Shelters in Buford Dam Park can be rented for $90 per day.

Call 770-945-9531 to make reservations.

Laurel Ridge Trail (3.8 miles) goes through Buford Dam Park and continues through Powerhouse Park and Lower Overlook.

  • Jeff j

    No pets

  • floater

    Paid to park, floated the river and then drove back to drop off my son to pick his car and ranger told me i had to pay. Seriously, sux. I’m trying to find a guideline or regulation regarding this rule. Anyone?

    • Liz

      I always ask the rangers about this before I leave— in any park. Some places will take note of the date on your receipt, and others will charge you every time you go through the gate. I don’t know the rules, but I always ask before I plan and in and out errand.

  • Ryan

    I hope they don’t allow kids. Nobody needs their dogs barking at annoying children.

  • docholiday

    Racoons deer fox ducks opossum geese etc are not house broken. So what’s a little or a lot of dog poo. Teach your kids where to walk and by the way if they do step in something , wash there dirty little feet off in the lake. Merry Christmas…….

  • Leah

    So you are saying that its be better if no children are aloud and teach them where to walk?, tf…. thats just so ignorant, first of all its the owners responsibility to pick after ur dog simple as that. But why are u going to have a dog if u are a lazy owner. Even adults have accidentally stepped on that stuff.