99% of Lanier’s Boat Ramps Open

Written by Robert Sutherland on 5th March 2013

frozen lake ramp

Frozen Boat Ramp on Crane Lake in Massachusetts, 3-4-2013 ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

As of today, March 5, 2013, 103 of Lake Lanier’s 104 boat ramps are open.  Only one, the right lane at Bald Ridge Marina is closed — but the left lane at that spot is open.

If having one boat ramp closed bums you out, just be glad you don’t live in Cheshire, Massachusetts, where the nearest boat ramp leads to a (hello?) frozen lake.

Besides, a couple of months ago on the day after Christmas, 85% of the Lake Lanier’s boat ramps were closed; only 16 were open.  Click Here for Details

Things are getting better, day by day.

Since December 1, 2012, Lanier has risen by almost ten feet.  Lake Allatoona has gained ten feet of water too.

For the first time since May 1, 2012, the Army Corps of Engineers has suspended drought operations in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River basin, including Lake Lanier.

Daylight Saving Time returns this Sunday and spring is only two weeks away.

It won’t be long before we forget all about the recent drought … and we all begin to complain about having too much rain.

Click Here for Boat Ramp Data

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